Sasha Della von Macy is a medium build sable who is very beautiful.  She has great speed and is quick to learn.  She has many great dogs in her background with optimum health.  She is cautious of strangers, but do not take this for a sign of weakness, Macy is summing up the situation, and if you pass her test she will love and protect you.  Macy is very protective of her home and those that she loves, she is the alpha female of our pack.  Pedigree

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Stoltz Ulrick Von Brown is a large build sable who is highly intelligent, loyal, protective, and eager to please.  He is a Certified Service Animal, his linage  includes K-9 police, Nitrate Dogs, and  many SCHH-3, IPO3 dogs in his bloodline.  Pedigree  

Puppies are expected mid April  Deposits will be accepted after conformation of pregnancy.