Puppies are due Oct 8th 

Schatzi Della Von Ferguson is from a line of German Shepherds out of Germany.  Please see her impressive pedigree.   She is a rock solid dame who is loyal, intelliegent, and eager to please.  Schatzi is very protective of her space and her family.   Schatzi  has hip and elbow certification: Good/ no sign of dysplasia.

Jager Maximus Von Ferguson  has an amazing personality and always has a toy in his mouth.  Jager can do a standing jump that would impress anyone.  He is full of energery but will settle down quickly if that is what is expected of him.  He is friendly and eager to please.  His exceptional markings makes him a stand out!  He comes from a long ling of amazing dogs, with impressive liniage, his father was one of the Top 10 Stud Dogs in Czech Republic. His Pedigree speaks for itself.  SEE PEDIGREE

Pick of the litter female: Avalible

Second pick female: Taken

Pick of the litter male: Avalible

2nd Pick male: Taken