We are family owned and operated.  Our dogs are a part of our family raised in our home.  

After serving 26 years in the military our family returned to Ohio, after all. Ohio is the heart of it all.  It is also where both of our families live and it is good to be home.  

Our youngest son took the move to Ohio  hard.  Add to that being a high school freshman, a tough year no matter what.  Our son had always wanted a German Shephard.  shortly after our move we decided to adopt a German Shepherd pup to ease his transition.  We went to the breeders home to meet the pups.  After about 30 minutes we asked our son which puppy he wanted.   Stoltz put his paw on Isaac?s foot and looked up at him.  He responded, This one picks me.?  That night he spent hours researching names for his new pup, he wanted a name with meaning, he chose Stoltz Ulrich, which means Prideful Noble Leader.  Stoltz was the first German Shephard to join our family.  Our prideful noble leader has sure lived up to his name, Stoltz Ulrich.

Stoltz is no longer part of our breeding program however his liniage continues to be a big part of our breeding program.  He sired many of dogs in our breeding program.  His legend continues.