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Description:  Jaynee Willow Canine Extreme is a beautiful dark sable female.  Willow is the product of amazing pedigree and an amazing representation of what good breeding can produce, Willow has good drive, she is eager to please, she gets along with other animals and she has an amazing on off switch which makes her wonderful addition to our home and to our breeding team. 

Pedigree:  Willow has an impressive pedigree, her sire V Ben vom Hesselgarten is a solid black German shepherd male imported from Germany.  He is titled in IPO3, KKL1 and V rated.  Ben has very nice confirmation and a beautifully structured head. His training consists of advanced obedience and full handler protection.  Ben is extremely driven for the ball and is 100% to please and work.  He is athletic, agile and has a wonderful overall temperament.  Ben is an excellent example of what good pedigree and genetics can produce.  All the dogs in the first three generations of Ben have the highest level of SCHH that can be achieved (SCHH3), including Ben who is IPO3 titled.  His father (Bomber) is a V, SCHH3, FH1 and KKL1 rated male who simply stunning to see.  Bomber comes from a male named (Vito) who is an incredible working dog.  Vito is a 10X SCHH3 titled male who's titles also include V, KKL1 and he was 2X LGA.  Ben's mother (Eishca) is also a SCHH3, IPO3 and KKL1 titled female.  Eishca is the daughter to the famous Tino v. FeisenschloB who is a thick and well structured male, also titled in SCHH3, IPO3 and KKL1. 

Willow’s mother Peggy Eqidius was born in Europe and after competing and having one litter arrived USA.  She is a speculator female with amazing work ethic & character.  She is social is with other animals and a dream to have with the family.  Peggy comes from top working line pedigree out of Slovakia from the kennel Eqidius. She is the daughter to the famous V Drago Eqidius who is titled in IPO3, SCHH3, SVV1 and KKL. Dragos father is SG Nash vom Lisdorferland titled in SCHH3, IPO3, (3XBSP) and Kkl 1. The mother is V Nike Egidius SCHH3, IPO3, SVV1 and Kkl 1. The mother to Peggy is also extremely noteworthy.  Her name is Veronika Eqidius and she is titled in IPO3, SVV1, FH2 and KKL.  She is a daughter of Eik vom Lisdorferland who is titled in SCHH3, IPO3, LGA, BSP, and Kkl 1. Her mother is G Jenny Eqidius titled in SVV1 and Kkl 2. Both Drago & Veronika can be found in many of the pedigree's of world champions today.