Terry Eqidius


Terry is a beautiful dark sable male that was born in Slovakia and came to the USA just as soon as he was old enough to fly.  Since Terry has been in the US he has been working steadily on his obedience and protection.  His protection is impressive and fun to watch.  Terry is a well rounded dog.  Since coming to Noble K-9 Terry has been an active part of our family and we are thrilled to have him as a part of our breeding team.


Terry was born in Slovakia from very nice German and Eastern Europe pedigree.  His sire, Fetz vom Buschel (V, IPO3, KKL) is a stunning solid black male with a good body type, masculine head and movement in the gait. He was 6th at the SV LG-JJM Quali IPO (LG 13) 2018 - Junior IPO 3, 14th at SV LGA (LG13) 2017 - IPO 3  & 11th at SV Landesgruppenausscheidung SV LGA (LG13) 2016 - IPO3.  Fetz has been known to produce good color and character in his progeny. His sire, Quno vom Schloß Weiler (V, SCHH3, KKL) is also a strong solid black German Shepherd with wonderful structure and body type. Fetz’s mother, Paula von der Längerts (IPO3, KKL) is a beautiful female of correct size and structure.

Terry’s mother, Ugne Eqidius (SVV1, IPO3, KKL), is a sable female with good body type workability.  She is the daughter to Alli vom dunklen Zwinger (V, IPO3, KKL).  Alli is a dark sable with medium structure and size. He has good movement and is very agile. Alli was ranked 13th at the SV Bundessiegerprüfung 2014 - IPO 3 with scores of (A:94, B:94, C:92). Alli is a known producer of good genetics and workability with many of his progeny IPO1-3 rated. Ugne’s mother is Wonny Eqidius (IPO3, SCHH3, SVV1, FH2, KKL) is a stunning female and phenomenal producer for us.

Some notable names from this pedigree are: Ellute von der Mohnwiese (SCHH3, FH1, KKL), Joker vom Schmiedegarten (IPO3, SCHH3, FH, KKL), Quasimodo vom Rosseleck (SCHH3, KKL), Nash vom Lisdorferland (SCHH3, KKL), Xena Eqidius (SVV1), Jenny Eqidius (SVV1), Aly vom Vordersteinwald (SCHH3, FH2, KKL).

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